We provide airport retail outlets with the tools to maximise the sales opportunities from disrupted passengers through the Caasco Retail Web App which can be accessed via any mobile device.

More footfall from passengers with money to spend

Disrupted passengers using Caasco receive time-bound refreshment vouchers (QR codes) that they have to spend at airport retail outlets. We are providing retail outlets with passengers who have a high purchase motivation.

We keep track of every transaction on your behalf

We provide retail outlets with an integrated payments solution at no cost. Every time a voucher is scanned, retail accounts are credited, airline accounts are debited. We manage the payment cycle and invoicing requirements to ensure timely payment and transparent view of transactions. No more accounting for manual receipts at the end of the month.

Offer Management for Disrupted Passengers

Premium Feature

We know that passengers respond to special offers. We give retail agents the ability to easily offer disrupted passengers special localised offers that they can present at the payment desk. Cut through the advertising noise of traditional ad channels and delight your customers and sell more stock with Caasco today.