Through our simple Passenger Web App, Caasco offers passengers a new modern flight disruption experience that promises to turn your frustration into delight.

Finally, Compensation That Comes To You

At Caasco, we believe that when your flight has been disrupted, compensation should come to you, not the other way around. We empower airlines with the technology to enable them to do this digitally and transparently through your devices. We provide passengers with a lightweight web app with personalised credentials that enable them to login and access their compensation - financial compensation, refreshment vouchers, hotel stays and transportation to and from the hotel.

No More Pay And Claim

Flight disruptions are stressful enough, we believe passengers shouldn't have to spend additional money and wait many weeks or months to claim money back from airlines. Caasco enables money transfers and provision of all services without any passenger money spent.

Stay In The Know

We know that a major frustration following flight disruption is the lack of communication about rescheduling, compensation offers and logistical details. Caasco enables airlines to quickly communicate with all affected passengers simply and easily direct via SMS and Email.