Our Caasco Airline App has been built with airlines at the centre of the compensation process to be proactive, rather than reactive

Solving Flight Disruption Pain Points Once And For All

We built the Caasco Airline App through first-hand experience of our founding team member who worked in the airline industry. Through consulting various industry teams we created a product that solves the key challenges of working with complex workflows and distributing compensation at scale to passengers globally.

How it works

Caasco makes service recovery transactions and processes cheaper, easier and scalable for airlines, whilst giving their passengers the digital experience they deserve. Caasco enhances service recovery, reduces operational costs and improves customer experience. It integrates many providers into one and brings together accommodation, transportation and financial compensation services.  The diagram below offers a visual explanation of how the airline app works.

A Flexible Product That Can Accommodate Your Business

Out team has built Caasco in a way that can be flexible to your airline's way of doing things. We provide you with a tool that can be customised to your specific business policies.