Workflow Management

Caasco's powerful compensation workflow management features

Compensation Management Is Hard

Compensatory procedures can be tricky - different regulations apply to different geographies, time zones and currencies vary, company policies change all the time, different staff members manage different aspects of the compensation process, the list goes on and on! Caasco's platform reduces the complexity of issuing compensation for your team by centralising all your workflows in one simple tool.

Caasco Manages All Of Your Complexity

Caasco's technology combined with a simple user interface takes the complexity out of the compensation process and lets your team focus on providing exceptional service to your passengers in the moment they need it most.

You can achieve the following compensation workflow superpowers when using Caasco's communication module:

  • Customisable Compensation Defaults
  • Compensation History Viewer
  • Compensation Analytics
  • Passenger Data Flatfile Uploads
  • Inventory Management
  • Self-serve User Administration
  • Dedicated Passenger Portal
  • Automated Passenger Choice Management

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