We deliver a superior disruption booking experience for Hotels and Serviced Apartments through the Caasco Hotel Portal which can be accessed via any mobile device or desktop complete with sms alerts for booking request.

Full Visibility of Agreements and Requests

It can be hard keeping track of all your custom rate agreements with different airlines. Caasco manages all of your agreements in one portal and tracks every request for rooms under these agreements. Have full control over whether you accept or reject room requests in part or in full.

Timely Guest Data

We know that information rarely flows to hotels in the event of flight disruption. Caasco keeps you informed about which guests are coming to your hotel in advance so you can prepare to provide them with the same consistent level of service, maintaining your brand promise.

Invoice Management & Analytics

We enable a smoother invoicing experience between hotels and airlines tailored to the disruption management workflow. No more disputes over who checked in. Gain insights at the airline account level into the metrics that matter to your business.

Catering to Different Accommodation Businesses

We understand the world of accommodation and lodgings business is evolving and there are many different business models now available. Whether through aggregators, serviced apartments, luxury resorts or traditional hotel chains. Whether you are on the traditional end of the business or the new tech and API-enabled side of the business. Caasco can provide you with an additional channel to fill your inventory.