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Solving Flight Disruption Pain Points
Once And For All

While managing the Disruption Operations of a major international airline group, Caasco’s founder realised the scale of the problem the airline industry is facing:

  • 450 million passengers are potentially due compensation each year as a result of flight delays and cancellations.
  • Globally, Airlines spend 67.5 million hours processing claims a year.
  • Over £600 million pounds spent on call centre and staff overtime.
  • Over £2.8 billion worth of resources are wasted due to inefficiency.
  • And the biggest pain point that can't be quantified - passenger and employee frustration with the existing processes, lack of transparency and poor communication.

Convinced that there must be a better way, Noah, Andrew and Verena teamed up to build Caasco.

Caasco is on a mission to revolutionise the way travel companies offer service recovery to their passengers.

Wherever there is a duty of care under legislations such as EU261, Caasco helps airlines become proactive rather than reactive. Caasco enhances service recovery, reduces operational costs and improves customer experience.

Caasco integrates many providers and brings together digital vouchers, communication gateway, accommodation, transportation and payment services on a single platform.

The Caasco Brand Promise

caasco logo yellow

The three C's in our logo represent our brand promise that drives
our mission to offer the best flight disruption service in the world.

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Issue passenger compensation in under a minute. Provide hotel bookings, transportation, financial compensation and complimentary vouchers from a single platform on-the-day or for post-disruption
day claims.

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Have absolute control of your transactional costs and inventory.
See how the resources are being distributed among the affected passengers in real-time. Customise your compensation payment settings to your airline's policy.

mobile compensation


Turn angry passengers into delighted flyers with outstanding care delivered to their mobiles through our web app. Keep customers informed and in-charge with Caasco’s whitelabel
self-service tool.

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