Airline Disruption Management (IROPS) Platform developed by industry experts

The all-in-one platform lets our airline partners access real-time data during disruption to make critical decisions, automate service recovery and turn it into a revenue-enabling opportunity.

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Total Compensation, Control & Care

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Issue passenger compensation in under a minute. Provide hotel bookings, transportation, financial compensation and complimentary vouchers from a single platform on-the-day or for post-disruption day claims.

Caasco lets you manage a complex and laborious process the easy way. The fully automated platform enables all your systems ‘talk’ to each other and compensate passengers according to their needs.
A single platform means efficient, fast and transparent process. Makes manual intervention and long queues thing of the past.


Have absolute control of your transactional costs and inventory. See how the resources are being distributed among the affected passengers in
real-time. Customise your compensation payment settings to your airline's policy.

Flight cancellations and delays often lead to chaos. Caasco allows you to keep things in control by tracking stock and inventory in real time. Provide clear visibility to your team on how resources are distributed. Keep everyone in sync to avoid double bookings and wastage. See where and how your money are being spent and never miss one penny again.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration


Turn angry passengers into delighted flyers with outstanding care delivered to their mobiles through our web app. Keep customers informed and in charge with Caasco’s white-label self-service tool.

We get frustrated when our flight is cancelled. And we get mad when we don’t know what’s going on. Keep your passengers happy in the worst of circumstances by exceeding expectations. Caasco’s mobile self-service tool keeps passengers in the know and in charge. An informed customer means a happy loyal customer.

What Caasco Does For You

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Processing a claim takes up to 15 minutes. With Caasco, you increase the claim processing speed by 10X by using just one tool.

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$2.8B worth of inventory is being wasted due to poor communication and double bookings. Caasco helps you save approx 70%, enables full transparency and control of your stock.

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50% of your cancelled or delayed flights might be eligible for compensation. Exceed your passengers' expectations by providing outstanding care, grow your NPS score and build loyalty.

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